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Souful Art Cards

We long to be free.

We long to be free.

We long to be free. This Soulful Art Card represents that whether we are incarcerated in a prison or simply struggling to find personal freedom in a world of boundaries, we are guided, blessed, and never abandoned.

A Poem by Gilbert Vasquez, inmate and pen-pal

The Man in Front of Me

I stare at the man in front of me.

He parts his lips and asks, Why have you become my enemy?

That was never my intention, I respond.

But you’ve hurt me, your daughter, your brothers, sisters, and your mom.

I stare at the man in front of me with nothing to say.

He parts his lips again, Do you expect it to all just go away?

I cast my eyes away from the man, wanting to hide.

Look me in the eyes, or are you that full of pride?

I finally turn and begin to walk away.

I love you, I hear him say.

I slowly turn to find tears rolling down the man’s face.

I love you, but you can’t seem to find your place.

I look at he man in the mirror and say,

I’m lost but will find my place one day.

Card by KartiArt

Inspired by Circle of Love Inside



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