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Art Journal Pages – Soul Work

When creating a collage, I begin with searching through magazines and choosing images. I often don’t understand why an image resonates with me; I just know it moves me. When an image moves me, I trust that on a deeper level of Self, it is speaking to me and that it can be used in my work to express a part of me, AND I do not need to consciously understand why. Artists need to learn to trust those impulses that reside in the gut, beyond the linear mind, beyond the noisy chatter that dictates what is pretty and acceptable, what people will say or think about what we produce. We have to embrace our bravery in order to do our soul work.

I call my workshops, The Soulful Art Journal, because my wish is that everyone who participates will access the joy that comes with connecting with the source of all creativity. For me the Art Journal is a place to perform meditation in action, to feel the release from and time and space, and from the constraints our daily living. The page below is one that originally held no meaning for me, but later, its message for me unfolded. By going Inside, there is freedom, mystery, and wonder. It is okay to be a bit grey, shadowy and moody. It is important for me to remember that and not try to hide my shadow sides. Both the light and the dark are parts of nature and deserve our recognition and respect. A beautiful page can take many forms, and what is important is how you feel about it.

Insider - Art Journal Page

Insider – Art Journal Page

Art allows us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

– Thomas Merton

The beauty of creating an art journal is that everyone’s art journal is unique. In my classes I am constantly excited and moved by the work of the participants and amazed at the never ending possibilities of the creative self. Each artist has a signature, a style and flavor that makes her work unique. Just like each snowflake is one of a kind, so is each page, each creative work.

Women Frozen in Time and Place - Art Journal Page

Women Frozen in Time and Place – Art Journal Page

As one of the world’s most wonderful writers, Maya Angelou says,

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use the more you have.



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