Art Journal Pages: Taking Flying Leaps

Flying Leap

The signature  of artists is not in what they do but in how intense their motivation is to manifest the extraordinary. – Caroline Myss

This art journal page is about taking flying leaps, leaps of faith. I’ve come to see that life requires us to continue taking both large and a small leaps into the abyss. We are constantly asked to feel the fear and do it anyway. In fact, just the act of being born or giving birth is taking a flying leap. We enter the world as newborns embarking on a journey of self-discovery facing challenges every day and never certain of the outcomes. We give birth in the same way, full of faith that we will be able to go the distance and to love and nurture our creations.  From somewhere inside, we get the strength to keep open while life happens. We  continue trying to  love, to continue learning, to keep forgiving, and getting up after falling down. We continue navigating through the dark, trying to make meaning of this mystery.

I added this quote by Terry Tempest Williams from her lovely memoir, When Women Were Birds. This book is now on my list of must reads for women. Her words ring clear and true,

When women were birds, we knew otherwise. We knew our greatest freedom was in taking flight at night, when we could steal heavenly darkness for ourselves, navigating through the intelligence of stars and the constellations  of our own making in the delight and terror or our uncertainty – Terry Tempest Williams.

Bird song

I need to find my voice when I feel I’m getting stuck in a dark place, so I wrote on this page: “Lately I’ve been sad and a bit discouraged, but now I’m in my art journal where I can be free.”

This piece started in that place and led me to a space of joy. I love the apples and the green paint. The wolf stamped onto the green paper reminds me to follow my instincts and the birds with their open beaks ask me to continue to express myself creatively and to tell my truth.

Making art and telling our stories are ways to discover what we think, how we feel, and enhance our intuition.


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